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Our Mission

To be a model farm for how to produce healthy and nutritious food products in a remote area. Through lively interaction with the small farmers around the farm, spread the idea of sustainable methods of cultivating the different crops, such as using animal manure, compost, kitchen waste, and green manure as soil improvement and fertilizer.

To train employees and neighbors at the farm, so they can use sustainable methods on their own land plots, and also encourage and teach their neighbors and relatives to do the same.

To sell produce at local markets so the community has access to these healthy products from the farm.

To provide all employees with a daily meal at lunch, which is cooked with mainly produce from the farm.
To give the possibility for the employees to buy vegetables from the farm for their own households.

To mitigate the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change for some of the poorest people through introducing and teaching inexpensive and sustainable cultivating methods.

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