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Soy, Maize, Groundnuts and Beans

In Malawi, soybeans are cultivated both for export and for domestic use. Dedza Farm produces its soy for sale locally, where it is used for animal feed, oil production, and products such as soy milk, soy protein, and soy flour. Growing soy also improves soil fertility.

Maize and Groundnuts are produced for seeds and for sale at the domestic market and the farm is known for producing good quality seeds. Maize is the most important stable food source in Malawi. 

Velvet beans are cultivated on rotating pieces of land in order to improve soil fertility.

Dams have been established on the property and they facilitate irrigation during dry spells.


Vegetables and animal husbandry

The farm has a vegetable garden and keeps goats, milking cows, and chickens for own consumption at the farm. The products are also sold to the employees and neighbors.

The vegetable garden is, apart from providing food, cultivated and operated as a model garden farm.

Management takes time to teach both employees and neighbors how to make a healthy and productive garden farm using natural fertilizer and sustainable agricultural methods.

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